via Daily Prompt: Waiting

The wait between alarms can be intense. I know there’s just five minutes between snooze alarms (or nine, if Steven Jobs’ crew are controlling your sleep patterns as well as everything else..). But I’m clinging onto every morsel of those three hundred seconds. I’ll open one eye and glance at the time on my phone-excellent, another minute left.

It’s during these sneaky winks that I do my best dreaming. Intricate, detailed dreams in just a few seconds. I know the R stands for rapid, but why is my waking brain such a dimwit by comparison?

My snooze brain is even tentative that I’m gonna oversleep, jolting me awake after just two and a half of my glorious five minutes, in the fear that I’ve slept through my first class. Sometimes the build up becomes too much, and I’ll have to break the suspense and just get out of the damn bed before I hear Carly Rae Jepsen for the fourth time.

Other times I’ll start resetting the alarm for one and two minutes later, grappling in desperation with the all too real and regular struggle that is leaving sleep behind for another day (or morning rather, as I look forward to my afternoon nap).

Setting the alarm early is the real treat. I’ve set it for 7.00 and I don’t have to get up till 7.45.

Well now, as if from thin air, I’ve just gained another forty-five minutes sleep for myself.

Perhaps my waking brain is not so dim after all.